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As of April 29th, 2020, Leech Lake Gaming’s casinos continue to evaluate a safe opening date for our casinos in the near future.  During this time of closing, the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Tribal Council and their Incident Management team have implemented all preventive safety measures regarding the spread of COVID-19. 
The Leech Lake Tribal Council will be monitoring the day to day activities of COVID-19 and will continue to assess an appropriate opening date.  We will make everyone aware of a revised reopening date via Facebook as soon as the information becomes available.
Our reopening will be in three phases.  Please understand that these phases might change, but as of right now the stages consist of:



Slot machines

Alcohol service on the casino floor

Snack Bar “Grab & Go” Items

Gift Shop


Table Games



Event Center

National Entertainment
 Cabaret Entertainment
Fitness & Business

Our dedication to providing a safe and fun atmosphere has been the core goal of Leech Lake Gaming since the beginning.  The safety and wellbeing of guests and employees will continue to be the #1 priority during these stages.  Upon your return to Leech Lake Gaming businesses, you will be immediately aware of our enhanced focus on safety and fun as we establish the new “normal”!

 Our staff will be dedicated to

  • Providing temperature checks at all access points.  

  • Enforcing physical distancing.

  • Offering hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves throughout our facilities.              

  • Vigorously disinfecting all areas of our casino at least once an hour.

We thank you for your continued loyalty to our casinos and look forward to welcoming you back soon when the smiles, laughs and good times can be experienced & shared by all.

Continue to Stay Safe – Stay Healthy –Stay Positive
See you soon upon our reopening.


Listed below are some frequently asked questions that we have been receiving.  If these do not answer all of your questions please contact our Call Center at 844 554 2646, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm, with your other inquires.



  •  Will your promotions resume?

  • Yes, our weekday and weekend promotions will resume. However, some will need to be changed or modified so that proper social distancing is in place.

  • What about my March weekly direct mail offers that I received?

  • If you received weekly March free play offers, once we establish a reopening date, you will be receiving weekly Free Play offers in the same amount for that initial month.

  • Can I still receive my Sunday gifts while you were closed?

  • If you qualified to receive the weekly gift, in March, you will be eligible to receive the remaining once we reopen our doors on designated Sundays.  The April gifts will not be made available.

  • What about my hotel offers & room reservations?

  • We will be honoring hotel offers that you received for mid-March and the month of April for an additional 30 days upon the opening of our hotel.  All room reservations made through May 31st, 2020, have been canceled and credited accordingly.

  • Can I still redeem my expired Bounce Back offers?

  • We will honor bounce back offers that you earned and received in the mail from March 18th -21st, 2020.

  •  I have an expired TITO ticket. Can I redeem this?

  • Absolutely, just present your ticket(s) to a Cage Cashier.

  • Are my “Blaze New Trails” UTV drawing entries that I earned still valid?

  • The entries that you earned for the April 1st, UTV drawings will be valid for the drawing once we establish a new date.

  • Will the temporary closing affect my Players Club tier rating?

  • No, it will not.  Gaming activity will be prorated based on your prior play.

  •  You were closed during the month of my birthday. Can I still receive my offer?

  • Yes, you can celebrate your birthday all over again here at the casino since we will be honoring the months missed due to the temporary closing.

  • I bought tickets for a show that was rescheduled. Are my show tickets still valid?  

  • We have been forced to reschedule some of the shows. We will be honoring all original tickets purchased or will gladly refund your ticket purchase.  For credit card refunds, please contact our Call Center at 844 554 2646, Monday-Friday, from 8 am-4 pm, and request your refund.  If you purchased tickets by cash, unfortunately, these refunds will have to wait until we reopen. You will need to bring your tickets to Cage Cashier to complete your refund.

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